Saturday, May 18, 2013

Pull Back the Curtain

Today is ay 18th 2013... I’ve closed my ears to all politics and news for the past 6 months since the election. LIke some kind of marvelous coincidence. Every reason I stopped watching the news seems to be the news now. This administration had involved itself in scandal to intimidate opponents of its second term ambitions through the IRS as well as covered up news about the Benghazi Al Qauda Attacks on September 11th 2012 . Still nothing will be done beyond “conservative” politicians posturing as if they are about to bring down a hammer but then asking the Democrats where they can carefully place that hammer so no one gets hurt with it. On the other side of the conservative bench is talk radio that do just that. Talk. They fill the air with empty words and empty interviews of congressmen that speak of a plan in the passive of “this will take time” and “there is a lot to be uncovered”... Where is this country when Democrat leadership can get away with murder (literally)? When there is a president who has zero fear of consequence? We are a country with soft talk. With values we celebrate in theory and with ideals that sound good when reading them from a 200 year old document. We are a country in act of infidelity to democracy and liberty. Our leaders hold tight to rules and processes that are working against movements that do not work by the same rules. We hold hearings about Benghazi while the administration is moving forward on every destructive plan it has in store despite the fact that those plans were brought to bare through nefarious means. There is one truth that needs to be preached over and over and that is wealth allows for liberty. Liberals (The Democrat Leadership) want to crush wealth because the more money you have the less you can be controlled. Things must change.

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