Friday, January 22, 2010

Social Justice Versus the American Dream

There are some phrases in pop culture that we hear but never take any moments to consider or digest. Like a blemish or scar these phrases slowly become commonplace in conversation by public leaders used without any real definition but instead to just convey a general negative happening that the speaker is describing… We saw that with the term “climate change”… it was introduced as an alternative to the much too specific descriptive “Global Warming” so not to be bound by any specific language like “warming”. That little parsing of words allowed for the fanaticism of the environmentally religious to ascribe any noteworthy meteorigical event to be yet more examples of the “damage” being done to the Earth by expansion of the free market.
In the spirit of slippery language (brought to you by Liberals/Statists, known more commonly as Democrats) we come to yet another divisive phrase to be added to the newspeak of the Liberal’s lexicon… As always this new phrase has been made to be stretched and bent, pulled and pushed to mean just about anything so that Democrats can prop up one more fabricated dragon to be slain. However, in using addition by subtraction we are able to define the latest and greatest from the anti–American crowd’s phrase “Social Justice”…

Like any well thought out political phrase it has its positive sound… After all how can “justice” be associated with anything negative? The word justice implies that there is some objective gage in which to measure an issue, and, that gage is a universally shared value. Ironically when Liberals use word like “justice” they are betraying their core ideology of relativism… For them to assert anything like an objective moral truth would cause them to abandon the whole of their thinking…
Yet “social justice” is the new buzzword among the harbingers of victimization.

Social justice is Communism just the same as environmentalism is. The idea implies that you (the individual) are victims of the wealthy, of industry, and you haven’t been given the opportunities that you’re entitled to. The antidote (according to Democrat leaders) is to use your vote to tax (take by force) from industry and the “rich” so that the Government can then create programs that give the downtrodden the chance to take the life that was stolen. Implying the victimization of individuals, further asserting that need for government in each person’s life.

So what happens if you do take that government hand out and you then become part of the enemy (also known as) “the rich”… I’m sorry my friend… you are then a “social criminal” and you get penalized for your success. Somehow lost is the fallacy in the premise of the entire assertion. Democrat leaders vilify the success of privileged-individuals and industries, accusing that their successes were only found by taking from you the unprivileged-individual and its up to the government to regulate and steal from them to offer a hand to the unprivileged-individual to reach that same success.
Simply put, Liberals motivate their constituents with the dreams of becoming who they also demonize.