Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Defanging the Radical

The book that keeps getting talked about so much as the “Obama play book”,
Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” has been in my back pack for the past couple weeks… Like a snack I keep picking away at it, but like the wrong kind of snack its is sometimes too much to digest. This entry is not so much a book review as much as it is a warning of things to come…

“Rules for Radicals” is a freighting look into a delusional author’s distorted view of the world. To hear leaders today of the Democrat Party openly quote Alinsky or allow them selves to be deemed “alinkyites” without correction is even further reason to be afraid for the future. These casual associations being made by the Democratic leadership of far-Leftist ideologues is a new emboldened face of their party. It is nothing more than a showing of their un-American agenda and the comfort they feel they have with the climate of American people to show their true colors. Paul Alinsky by no hidden means in “Rules for Radicals” lists tactics for the misguided Left to dupe their fellow American people in believing the “anti-establishment/anti capitalism” vomit of the 60’s. At least Karl Marx was straight forward about his desire to overturn capitalism… Alinsky on the other hand, like the Democrat Party understands that their ideas are unpopular and realize they have to mask them to gain any popular support.

What motivates people like this to want to tear down the very society that gives them their definition of what a great country should be? Alinskyites and Alinsky him self use generalized statements that are and dishonest to their values of America’s past greatness as a motivating factor to “return” to those times. Yet America’s greatness was realized because of all the things these Leftists fools so adamantly abhor, like success, and free market capitalism, profit, and individual liberty. Alinsky foolishly accuses “the older generation” of being trapped in the machine of capitalism, projecting a degree of naïveté on them, believing that they cannot even see the tangled web they are in. He goes so far as to describe America as chasing false truths of the suburban nuclear family, implying that these people are forced into drugs and alcohol abuse to tranquilize the need they have for individuality that their choices don’t allow. Alinsky’s tactic is that of making his reader think that his or her family is the acception to the rule when in fact HIS description of the “trapped” family is. Ironically his call for individuality is instead a call for enslavement to a system where the logical conclusion is that of pure identity-less Communism or social-fascism.

As a unstable catalyst to his lies, he falsely empowers the most vulnerable of Americans, “the-ready-fire-aim” emotionally driven “youth” as ambassadors of “progress”, describing them as the audience to the destruction by apathy their parent inaugurate, bolstering their egos and playing on their narcissism to believe that they can see past the lies of the world around them. It’s further ironic that Alinsky was speaking to the baby boomer generation… a generation known for being born of not only our most patriotic Americans but also of a generation who sacrificed greatly for Liberty. He recruits a generation of children who have basked in the sun of their forbearer’s successes without any knowledge of the work it took to get to that destination. These are his soldiers of an all too familiar call for undefined “change”… to change the system by infiltrating the system. Then in doing so you initiate “change”… However, change according to the theories of what you (the radical) feels is needed… not what actually is needed, if anything…

Some might say that this process is democracy at work but they would be terribly mistaken. Democracy is the free exchange of ideologies, policies, and open debate where the public or electoral college can determine which of the candidates would run the country better according to their own principles. Democracy can only thrive in an environment where actual ideas can exchange. Yet in Alinsky’s world, and in Obama’s world (the radical‘s tactic) is one that uses recognizable accepted Conservative phraseology like "competition" and "choice" to distract Americans and disguise the far-Left/Statists agenda of equality over liberty... America was founded on individuals who were given the rights and opportunity to succeed...
If in fact "competition" and "choice" were a value to Democrats, why would they fight so venomously against competition in public schools by not supporting school vouchers when the public system is failing so badly? Why would they be against competition in the job market and abandon their racially based and gender based quotas? Why would they be against competition in Social Security and help privatizing retirement savings account programs so that people may be able to keep more of their money in their family rather it going to a government pot? Why would they want to regulate talk radio to silence views opposed to their own? Or, why would they be against deregulating health insurance so they can sell across state lines and ACTUALLY increase competition?
The reason is Democrats do not support these things because "competition" and "choice" are as far from their agenda as efficiency or success is from ANY government program. Which is why our founding fathers worked to create a LIMTED government one that is very apposed to the monster Democrats since F.D.R. have created.

These Leftists live in a made up world where lying about their end goals is just a means to an end and is a small wrong compared to the vast crimes against humanity they feel capitalism has committed… Ironically most of what they oppose is the product of a market contaminate by quasi-socialist policies that redistribute wealth and allow for corruption in vast government bureaucracies. They fight a disproportionate war against reason in that to lie or hide the true motivation for their initiatives is justifiable to their cause. Truth is not a value to the Left. It only stands as an inconvenience to their “progress”. They feel they know better than the individual American who believes working hard, saving money, and being responsible for them self is the most patriotic of choices. In fact they despise those Americans and accuse them as being part of the “angry Right”… They take the imaginary position of “Government knows better than you” believing their own lies and excuse away those who strive for financial stability and a comfortable life. These delusions are nothing less than religious as they are not at all diminished when confronted by factual evidence that would argue other wise. But, it is in these delusions that we see the chaos these Statists wish to create. They know that it is in chaos that Americans will become desperate for change… no matter how foreign to our American heritage.

Today’s Left cannot compete on issues because they know that they do not have the public’s immediate interests in mind. If you look at Social Security, welfare, Income tax… All have become swollen mutated monsters from the original plan of each initiative. Medicare is more than 10 times what its was predicted to be and is going bankrupt while giving the lowest standard of health care to its users.

The Democrats agenda is a slow poison. They start with just a little and build on it like water slowly boiling. Obama in a 2002 speech said that getting to Universal Health Care by way of a public option and it would be a long road claiming the need for little steps… Juxtapose that to what he is saying today that Universal healthcare is not the goal but “competition” is… Which is just like his claim at the State of the Union where he said he was “not for a bigger government” while he is continuing to increasing its size more than any other president before him… The Left (including our current President) claim to love America but only see a history of imperialism. They claim to be patriotic yet believe that America was not only founded on but is ramped with racism. They claim to value The Constitution yet completely dismiss any ideas of a Creator from which we derive The Bill of Rights from, further saying that it is a “living breathing document” rendering its wisdom and direction completely relative according to its interpreter. They claim to stand for freedom but work to silence through government fiat anyone who freely tries to practice those freedoms apposed to their own. They claim to love democracy yet slander their opponents to the point of humiliation and a retreat from public life. They claim to work for the people but then create the intricate bureaucracies and unions that act as cattle chutes so that people only go where they allow.

The Democratic Party is blindly against anything that Republicans want. Any one Republicans elect is considered by The Democrats to be racist, a bigot, homophobic, an “Uncle-Tom”, xenophobic, sexist, or any other slanderous title you can give someone… They have become experts at projecting their faults unto Republicans by demanding that Republicans are guilty of everything that they themselves actually are doing with zero accountability from most every media source. The Democrat Party have become profits who predict the doom they themselves orchestrate.

They claim that the Republican Party is a party of racism yet the Republican Part’s main charter at its conception was to abolish slavery, further that historically Democrats have stood in the way of every vote for Black equality. From The Emancipation Proclamation to Brown vs. Board of Education… Almost all votes in The House or The Senate that concerned the equality of minorities or women were party line votes with Democrats on the wrong side of history. Every bill brought to the House since the birth our nation from the Dred Scott decision to voting against the Civil Rights Act; anything that subjected black Americans was sponsored by Democrats. On June 10th 1964, Senator Robert Byrd (Democrat) began an over 14-hour filibuster opposing the legislation for Civil Rights Act. Robert Byrd still serves as a senator to this day for the Democrat Party.

The Democrats have slandered the Republicans, calling them “a party of tyranny”. Yet, it is Republican dogma that government is the problem and work toward reducing government keeping it out of people’s lives and wallets. Contrary to that set of principles, the Democrats see all solutions with a larger government but has yet to produce one efficient government program. Today’s voter has to decide between a party who’s philosophies are contrary to the lessons of history, that government is the answer or the philosophies of a party who’s policies have built this land of opportunity, the party that believes government is the problem, the party that believes individual responsibility is the answer.