Friday, July 2, 2010

Power To the People

I find myself wondering about death every now and then... You see on the news or read in history, or even see in movies of some historical event of some way someone died... I think about the soldiers on D Day or the passengers of the Titanic... people who knew death was coming well before it came... what thoughts went through their heads... did they find some peace in knowing there was nothing they could do? Did they struggle?

Today we watch our country take blow after blow against the very foundations of what the United States has stood for... We see a person nominated to the Supreme Court, the very court that will be interpreting The Constitution, completely disregarding its principles... Evading every question, lying about her beliefs... We see a Republican Party more dedicated to decorum that the future of this country.

We have a president, sitting on his hands during disasters, continually blaming capitalism and low taxes for the recession that his administration is prolonging and making worse. We see him bypassing our Constitution, race baiting immigration issues, pulling at the loose threads of our society as if he is a righteous cancer inflicted on the villain...

Where are we today... Those who rise up are called racists (Tea Party)... We have a bold spokesmen in Sarah Palin who is completely shut down by media, debased as a fool while our Vice President Joe Biden seems to be weekly competing for "America's dumbest leader"...

From extreme left wing, socialist, anti capitalist, anti-American political leaders, unions, educators, journalists... Where do we go as a people?

It is not enough to win in November! It is a fight for generations ahead of us. There needs to be a movement that creates commissions to investigate "climate change", the Governments involvement with Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac, Goldman Sacks. A commission investigating Barney Franks involvement with the housing crisis, a commission investigating exactly where the stimulus money went. A commission on the response time of the Government's reaction to the Gulf spill... And a commission on the seizing of the bonds of GM from private owners and the handing over of ownership to the auto workers union.

We cannot say that Barack Obama sitting on his hands in crisis is offensive if we do the same without acting to change this corrupt government...

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