Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Don't Take Candy From Strangers

When I was growing up, there was a cliché saying, “Don’t take candy from strangers.” Even though it wasn’t explained nearly as much as it was repeated it was universally understood that it implied that there were bad people out there that would entice you with tasty treats… To what end was left the imagination.
Even though my generation who was raised on the true story TV mini series of Adam Walsh’s terrible kidnapping in the 80’s, we haven’t seemed to have taken anything away from the repeating of that cliché…

Don’t take Candy from strangers… seems simple enough. However, in November 2008 the American people hungry for proof that they were not the bigoted people that the Left of this country slander them as elected a stranger… a marketed black American that delivered a confident smile, a GQ look, and a handful of candy referred to as “Hope and Change”….

In December of this year in Copenhagen there is a summit planned to try to solve the believed issue of Global Warming (despite the almost 9 year cold trend that has contradicted all Global Warming computer models)… However this summit has with it a sting that wont effect any climate that has to do with weather but instead change the economic climate of the world in an irreversible forfeiting of sovereignty by the U.S. African and Latin countries have draw up a plan of a world government that would have jurisdiction over the carbon emissions of ANY country (including the U.S.) further that the larger industrial countries must pay reparations to developing countries for “damaging the earth”…

It goes without saying that in general the most depraved of all countries are in those conditions not because of Global Warming but because of their grossly corrupt governments… Africa and Latin America have more natural resources at their disposal than any other developed country yet there almost systematic transfer of power from warlord to dictator to thug keeps their countries from ever becoming anything other than third-world charity magnets… To add insult to injury to the abused people of these countries their loss of life, lack of food and general impoverished state are used to demonstrate the desperate need for these reparations yet, it is in Africa that the very environmentalist who use the photos of these people to create sympathy with one hand, and with the other deny them the use of DDT and pesticides for their crops. They do this by denying them aid if they do not abide by the strict rules environmentalists set… In Africa alone more than 50,000,000 people have died of malaria since the ban on DDT began…

In the U.S. there is a different contradiction… The United States has the will, the resources and the know-how to create a network of nuclear power plants that would decrease our “carbon footprint” by over 70% yet EVERY single environmental agency is against it. Rather than use 1 square mile for a power plant, they’d rather carpet the U.S. with towering windmills and 10’s of thousands of square miles of solar panels that require more water for cleaning than most small countries. Almost worse than that you have farms tearing out crops that could be used for food and planting corns and sugar field to get Federal subsidies for bio fuels. Ironically it takes 4 gallons of regular fuel to produce 1 gallon of bio-fuel. In fact if the “bio-fuel” industry had to run on bio-fuel it would be out of business before it started.

All the lies and contradictions of environmentalism aside the most striking of all is the shocking resemblance environmentalism has with good ol’ fashion communism.
How is it that the redistribution of wealth is the answer to what the Left feel is a “global crisis”?

More and more Obama officials are being outted as either former members of a communist party or out right describe their affections for communist leaders.

The United States is a land bless with prosperity because of the rights and liberties given to its citizens… But these rights and liberties will be stripped away by a world government lead by the most corrupt of third world countries who will tax us and cripple us in the name of environmentalism… All that stands between our great country and them is a weak kneed president drunk on his own adulation, but worse a president who favors their opinions and views over what is best for the American people…

Barack Obama feels that America owes the world a debt… He feels that Global Warming is a real crisis and has been emboldened by his newly acquired Nobel Prize.
What did America get by taking candy from this stranger?
On August 10th 1981 the severed head of a 6-year-old boy by the name of Adam Walsh was found in a Vero Beach, Florida canal… His remains were never recovered.

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