Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pop Culture Sold Out America

How can anyone get their head around the barrage of attacks on every dream America has ever had… This social experiment is at a crossroads, balancing on a razors edge between a failure and success. From our leftist President Obama’s, socialist political actions (yet capitalist in furthering his destructive agenda) to an army of leftists behind him who yell and complain about the enumerated injustices this great country has inflicted; ironically most of which are self inflicted by their own leftist social policies.
There is a portion of this country that wishes it to fail. Not because they are so dedicated to misery but instead because they are blindly dedicated to a secular definition of equality. They are apart of a system that cannot create anything but instead steal what is created and use it to implement an impossible utopia. They are a picture of maggots that fester in a carcass of a once powerful but now dead creature. Make no mistake Leftists are parasitic. The History that is not taught in our state ran schools is looming in wait to be repeated and the same Russian Revolution that forced that country from bad to worse is now a possible fate.
How can anyone keep track of the countless racist accusations, sexist accusations, calls for equality among individuals who will not give equal dedication to a goal but demand equal pay and resources, the attack on individuality, the promotion of mob rule by way of mediocrity through unions, the financial crises perpetuated by a system that is invested in the failure of capitalism, the re-writing of history with the glorification of failed social programs, the redefinition of words to make their agendas sound positive, the antagonizing of class war, the onslaught of environmental laws which suffocate our economy yet based on fraud science, and the accusation of misinformation by those who only give misinformation …What hope is there beyond the American people who have lived in a better generation, who understand liberty and know what the framers intended beyond what agenda driven justices dictates? Our hope is the 10% of Americans who pay 95% of the taxes. Unfortunately, those Americans actually work and mistakenly still believe that hard work is still the most valuable commodity. When will they rise up? When will they speak out? When will they march on Washington?
Our founders had the opportunity to create a country and implement various conditions that modern courts have now dictated on behalf of them, but the founders did not. Yet that fact is mindlessly over-looked by a media far removed from the average citizen. This same media exalts a worthless class of Americans known as celebrities who hypocritically denounce capitalism as they demand millions for their effortless contribution to their craft… Because of that, they chase meaning and relevance by interjecting extremely uniformed opinions into the information markets of our society… these spineless actors and entertainers who pretend to be profound mistake their fictional identities for their actual identities and endorse Anti-American ideologies and figureheads all the while feeling brave while safely insulated in their made up world of yes men.
I sit with head in hands at times knowing that the time to act is now. There will be no time when more Americans are alive that understand The American Dream better. There will be no time when more people know that the real racists are the ones pointing the fingers and not the ones being pointed out. There will be no time when there will be more Americans that understand free-markets are our best hope for economic recovery. There will be no time when more Americans will understand that environmentalism is a farce used to control money and not save anything. There will be no time when more American will be alive that remember that Freedom isn’t free and it is America who has fought on behalf of other weaker nations. There will be no time when there are more American that understand that sometimes yes, war is the answer. There will be no time when there are more American who believe that freedom of speech doesn’t just mean freedom to degrade Christianity. There will be no time when there are more American who understand that the constitution was written to give states rights to give the individual right and to be a foundation for a better democracy.
I pray to God that the engine, the fuel, the drivers of this country wake up and stop this slaughter of democracy and liberty…

Sunday, March 8, 2009


I know what you are thinking, "With so much going on in the world why is this person writing about a movie 5 americans have seen?" The answer is simple... I am writing 6 different postings all at the same time, this economy, healthcare, Obama's "hope", Prop 8, the unorganized Republican Party, and Business... I wanted to post something and I had a few minutes this morning... the rest are on the way...

Since last summer when the “documentary” Religulous came out, I’ve been debating weather or not I wanted to see it. I’ve made it a point to read or listen to every atheist/agnostic writer/speaker that I can find from Hitchens to Harris, and now Bill Maher.
My personal faith is complicated. I don’t have trouble with any of the cliché questions about faith and God. How a good God can make an evil world has never bothered me since it is the option for evil that we even know God might be good. Further it is that God created that option and not the action. The best analogy I’ve ever heard is that just as darkness is the absence of light, sin is the absence of God. Light does not create darkens and God does not create sin.
Still there are looming questions that keep me from raising my hands in church, questions of a more personal nature. But that might be another topic.

So, last night I finally broke down and rented Religulous. If you can get past Bill Maher trying to be funny as he basically makes a fool of everyone he talks to about his questions you are still left with an extremely empty movie. His disrespectful comments and use of language is enough to keep you clinched fisted the entire movie. His tactics are nothing short of taking (in most cases) good willed people and editing and showing them in a such a way that makes him look like he is enlightened and they are worshiping the sun.

Bill Maher spends most of the movie of Christianity, confusing Catholicism and Evangelical Christianity. He pulls the gloves off with Christians and Mormons but then handles those he interviews from Islam with the most delicate of questions and to thier face, the utmost respect. He does not question direct passages from the Koran, and doesn’t even bring up Mohammad and all his contradictory teachings. He does insinuate that Islam is a violent religion but doesn’t complete the thought by comparing the number of damning verses in the Koran to the number of “peaceful” verses. Not to mention the number of verses that nullify any verse that calls for peace.

Like most cowards in the media and the entertainment world, Bill Maher comes out swinging with Christians and Jews because he knows they wont hit back, But barely taps into Islam. Throughout the “documentary” he interviews people all over the world but for some reasons doesn’t interview Muslims who live in a Muslim country. Why? oh yeah, because he might be killed…

All I can say that I got from this movie is that if he really wanted to find answers he could have asked more informed people. But obviously he didn’t he just wanted to make fools of people. Its too bad that Bill Maher didn’t really try to make a good film. I for one would like to see an honest film that asks religion tough questions. Instead I just got a movie full of inaccurate information and a picture of a lost man.

Monday, March 2, 2009